Healthy Options for a Girls Night Out!

This past week a few friends & I went out for dinner/drinks at a new place in Boston. We were celebrating our friend Christine’s weeding shower since none of us were able to attend the actual shower due to busy summer schedules.

We of course wanted to pick a spot that was high end since since it was a happy celebration, and we were treating Christine. We tossed around a few ideas and ended up picking Porto because none of us had ever been. It also happened to be the perfect weather to sit outside on a roof deck #winwin.

We all met there, Brittany brought her little Frenchie named Gunnar, and the always fashionable Christine showed up looking like she could be on a yacht in the South of France #jealous. We got a table for 4 in the corner which was perfect so the dog was able to have his own little space & enjoy the water and treats his mamma had packed for him.

We ordered wine, Brittany & I both got a dry red wine (we have the same taste in red wines), and Vanessa & Christine both got a rose. I had looked at the menu at work that day to scope out what I might want to eat/drink, and was a little nervous that no prices were listed on the menu. Usually that’s a sure-fire sign that it’s above my price point. But I figured since it was a special occasion, I could deal. But when we got there, there were actual prices on the menu, and it was actually pretty reasonable.

We drank our wine and turned our waitress away several times when she came to get our food orders because it has been about a month since we all last saw each other and there were so many big life events to catch up on! When we finally took a break to look at the menu we saw they had a raw bar, small plates to share, and large entrees. We decided to pick 4 small plates and we would all share them.

This is a good tip for when you’re out with friends if you want to keep the cost & calories low, pick small plates to share. You will almost ALWAYS end up eating less because you want to make sure there’s enough to go around, and a lot of times the small plates are healthier. In our case, we ordered scallops from the raw bar, an arugula salad with fig, a meza plate that had hummus, stuffed eggplant, olives, etc. and shesheeto peppers. YUM.

When all was said and done, we all had a little portion of each of the plates, and we were all satisfied, but not overly full. One of my main focuses in trying to maintain a healthy weight, is that I eat until i’m satisfied but not full. I hate the feeling of being full or over eating, whenever I accidentally eat more than I planed, I try to do jumping jacks to get the food to digest quicker, I don’t know if it actually does anything, but I always feel better after.

The girls night was of course a blast, I love doing girls dinner and/or drinks, we always have the best laughs and it’s so great to catch up on each others lives. This particular group of girls came to be when we all worked together at a hotel in Boston, since then all three of them have left the hotel and i’m the only one left here! But I love how we’ve been able to stay connected even years later, and still pick up right where we left off.

We all actually recently flew out to Long Beach, California for Vanessa’s wedding which was such a fun and wonderful trip, and we were all so happy to be there for her special day! Good girlfriends are so important and between my childhood best friend, my sorority sisters & the friends I’ve met though work, I am so grateful to have all these ladies to do life with!




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