Banana Leaf Print

This particular obsession started when I visited the Beverly Hills Hotel last March. Walking into this hotel is like stepping back in time to the glamorous life of Hollywood past. The walls are covered with wallpaper printed with Banana Leaves, it’s their signature print and you can find it almost everywhere you look. They pairContinue reading “Banana Leaf Print”

Weekend Style

I dress business casual for work throughout the week with the exception of a rare “jeans Friday”, so weekends are really my only time to get use out of my casual clothes. I love to try out new trends and statement pieces, however a lot of the time I end up in my old standbyContinue reading “Weekend Style”

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This is the first installment of my monthly FAVES! Keep reading to find out what I loved in the month of December. I’ve categorized everything into 5 categories: Beauty, Household, Entertainment, Food/Drink, & Workouts. BEAUTY: Face masks – Since the weather’s been so friggin’ cold I have been trying a million thingsContinue reading