This is the first installment of my monthly FAVES! Keep reading to find out what I loved in the month of December. I’ve categorized everything into 5 categories: Beauty, Household, Entertainment, Food/Drink, & Workouts.


Face masks – Since the weather’s been so friggin’ cold I have been trying a million things to keep my skin fresh and moisturized. I combine an egg, 1/2 the juice of a lemon & a splash of grape seed oil and apply it to my face and wait for it to dry. I leave it on for about 15 minutes. The grape seed oil moisturizes, the egg has a tightening effect, and the lemon tones and fights blemishes. 

Castor Oil hair masks –  I heard that castor oil is supposed to be great for making hair shiny and thick and recently decided to try it. I coat my hair and then twist it up into a bun and sleep with it in (with a towel over my pillow) about once a week. Every time I do it I am amazed at how great my hair looks and feels the next day. It really does make it feel so think and smooth. TIP  – if you try this, before you wet your hair to wash out the oil slather your hair with shampoo and then wet you hair and rinse the oil & shampoo out together. The shampoo with penetrate the oil much better if your hair is not already wet, and it will come out in one wash, instead of 2 or 3. I use this oil, but you can use any castor oil.

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray – This one is a little pricey but I promise, it’s SO worth it. This is a great alternative for dry shampoo because it absorbs oil at your roots without making your hair white and dull like dry shampoo sometimes does. It also builds volume at the roots and preserves a blow out, and makes hair shiny without weighing it down.


Mini Vacuum – I live in a apartment with two roommates, and with all of our busy schedules, sometimes cleaning falls to the back burner. I originally bought this little vacuum for my room, I figured it would be quick an easy to do a once over on my floor every couple of days since my room is pretty small. But it’s turned out to be a life saver for our whole apartment! This vacuum is so small and easy to use that I pick it up daily and just do a quick go over any area that might need it. We keep it on the charger in a corner so it’s easy for anyone to access, and it’s kept our apartment so. much. cleaner. 

Hand Held Steamer – I hate ironing, so this is a great alternative and it’s way faster. All you have to do is fill it up with water and plug it in and quickly go over your clothing item once or twice. It saves me so much time in the morning when I pull out the top I want to wear and realize it’s creased right down the middle. This is super handy to have around, I definitely recommend owning one. 


Podcasts – I have been obsessed with two podcasts recently – Heather Dubrow’s World & Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig. Both feature Heather Dubrow who is the most fab ex-real housewife of Orange County, she is legit #lifegoals – these podcasts inspire me to be a boss bitch on a daily basis, AND give me tips to look and feel better. 10000% recommend.


Peanut Butter Perfect Bars – I eat these for breakfast everyday. They are literally SO. GOOD. They are 100% organic and all the ingredients are listed on the package. They are a little high in the calorie department (the peanut butter ones have 330 calories) but since I eat them as my full meal, I think it’s ok. They come in all sorts of other flavors too if you’re not a huge peanut butter fan.

BluePrint Organic Lime Kick Juice – I’ve been getting this juice whenever I go to the market, it is so so delicious and also super healthy. I don’t “juice” or “cleanse”, i just drink it because it tastes good, and I don’t drink other fruit juices that are super high in sugars & dyes.  I love the combination of lime and ginger, so refreshing! 


Barre Classes – I just upped my membership at my gym so I can go to any of their locations & sign up early for classes. When I’m at the gym the only thing I really do is run sprints on the treadmill, so adding in some barre classes has been a great change and I’ve really noticed the difference. The small focused movements really target specific muscles and tone them so quickly. I am sore for days after!

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