Banana Leaf Print

This particular obsession started when I visited the Beverly Hills Hotel last March. Walking into this hotel is like stepping back in time to the glamorous life of Hollywood past. The walls are covered with wallpaper printed with Banana Leaves, it’s their signature print and you can find it almost everywhere you look. They pair it with light pink accents and I absolutely adore the combination. It’s feminine, floral, vibrant, and chic.

I picked up some souvenirs in the gift shop with the print, and I’ve been drawn to the print whenever I see it ever since. 

These are a few of my favorite items in the print:

Palm Eye Mask from the Beverly Hill Hotel Gift Shop – I would buy all of the printed items from their gift shop if I could, but this is one of the reasonably prices items that I think is SO worth it.

Palm Wall Art from All Modern – I have high ceilings in my apartment and I’ve been looking for a large piece of art to hang above my bed, when I found this I knew the 45″ x 30″ size was perfect for my room. It’s a little pricey so it’s still on my “want” list.

Tucan Green Coco Loca print – I am absolutely in love with this print. I love how bright and fun Lilly Prints are, but I don’t generally love the way their prints look on me. When I found this print in the store last summer I was OBSESSED, I love that it sticks to just two colors, green and white and of course I loved that it incorporated my beloved palm leaves. This print has since sold out, but if you love it as much as I do, you can still get some pieces on ebay.

Banana Leaf Phone Case – I bought the Beverly Hills Hotel phone case while I was there but have since upgraded my phone, so that case no longer worked for me. I was so sad to let it go, but I ordered a similar (much less expensive) version on Amazon.

Banana Leaf Bikini – I bought a bikini like this one last year and it was definitely my go-to bikini all summer long. I would love to purchase another for this summer, but I think there’s such thing as over doing it with patterns, and I think it might be time to take a break and find a new favorite bikini for this summer.

Palm Leaf Mouse Pad – This is a fun and easy way to brighten up your work area, whether it’s at work or at a home office. This mouse pad makes me happy every time I look at it.

Happy Hunting!





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