September Faves

Happy Fall Ya’ll – This is my favorite time of year by far, so here are some long overdue faves:

  1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream – Let me tell ya, this stuff is life changing. I don’t have particularly oily or dry skin, it’s somewhere in the middle, so I’ve never really found a perfect moisturizer for my face. This lotion is not oily at all but feels SO nice on your skin and leaves my complexion so bright and flawless the next morning. I even started using this in the morning under my BB cream since they now have one that has SPF. I put it on at night after I wash my face and it’s a gel consistency so it’s nice and cooling on my skin after a long day.
  2. Amazon Hair Extensions – Yup, you read that right, I bought hair extensions off of Amazon after they were recommended by a friend – I was a little skeptical about purchasing them from Amazon since I feel like the “professional” grade hair extensions are usually at least $100 and come from somewhere like Sally’s Beauty Supply. These were only $25 but they had a ton of really great reviews so I figured I would give them a shot. I have only worn them a few times, but they were PERFECT for both weddings that I was in, and for a couple of nights out in the city. Hairstyles just look so much better with the extensions added to give me more volume. They just clip in so they’re easy to use. Highly recommend. I got the 16″ ones in the color #27-613. You can buy them here 
  3. Fresh flowers – My friend Rydell who just got married always has fresh flowers in her house,  and after spending so much time there over her wedding weekend, I decided that I wanted to have flowers around my apartment more often! I started by just bringing my MOH bouquet back to Boston and since then I’ve been buying flowers each week on my grocery run. It’s so nice to brighten up my apartment!
  4. Deck Furniture – I bought some very simple inexpensive deck furniture from Amazon and it’s changed. my. life. I have lived in my apartment for 4 years now, and it’s on the second level of a 3 family home.  There’s a front porch but in my 4 years of living there I’ve never seen anyone use it. So I found these two chairs and a small table on Amazon for about $80 and just decided that it would be well worth the money. It’s been so amazing sitting outside when I get home from work and on the weekends. I live on a buy street so it’s fun to be outside in all the hubbub, sipping my coffee (or wine depending on the time of day). You can see the set I bought here. 
  5. Tarte Concealer – I know everyone influencer is obsessed with this but I am jumping loud and proud onto than bandwagon because I bought this concealer and it really is all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve worn it in the weddings I was in and it lasted through a million happy tears. Highly recommended.
  6. Lisbon Wants Moor OPI Nail color – I have no clue what the name of this polish means, but it’s so pretty. I am one of those people that has an entire pinterest board dedicated to nail inspo, but can never find the colors when i get to the salon and i’m under pressure to pick a color. This one was recommended to be by the salon after they saw the million color options I had in my hands, and it’s the perfect neutral.
  7. Mega Babe All Natural Deodorant – I fell victim to one of those Refinery 29 ads that promotes extremely popular millennial beauty gimmicks. I’m pretty sure the tagline said “this deodorant has a waitlist of 13,000 people” – so of course I was int. After reading the article I was sold, and I bought two tubes and I’m not mad I did. It has a great rosy smell, goes on super smooth and it keeps me smelling like roses all day long. Love love love.

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